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Malki: Starting preparations for the  report and the presidency of the Buenos Aires summit
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Malki: Starting preparations for the report and the presidency of the Buenos Aires summit

Minister of Foreign Affairs and expatriates Riad Malki, stressed the importance of the Presidency of the State of Palestine to the Group of 77 and China, and this step will be followed by important achievements.

"The presidency of the Group of 77 and China is an unprecedented historic event for the Palestinian people," Malki said in a speech on a program on Palestine Television, congratulating our people on this success under difficult circumstances.

He stressed that the state of Palestine will negotiate with the industrialized and developed countries on several development issues and others, noting the president's assertion that Palestine will not accept the failure of this dossier, and will devote all possibilities for success.

Malki added: "This opportunity given to Palestine will clearly highlight the dialectical relationship between the occupation and the development in the Middle East, stating that if there are countries that are really interested in providing development opportunities in the region and giving them broad space, they must work to end the occupation."

He stressed that the development of negotiating possibilities with the developed and industrialized countries lies in starting negotiations within the group, especially with powerful countries such as China, India, Brazil, Egypt and other countries.

On the special powers granted to the state of Palestine in 2019, Malki said : "These powers were granted to Palestine as a non-member observer State and cannot submit a draft resolution, vote or negotiation, and we are required to approach the General Assembly to request additional concessions during our presidency For the group so that we can do our part, and these privileges will end with the expiration of our mandate. "

"We are striving to comply with this temporal mandate, which is the current year, and we will not politicize our chairmanship of the Group of 77 and China, and when we succeed in this experience, we have sufficient experience and knowledge, along with the support and testimony of our States, that will enhance all of our approach to the General Assembly again. To obtain these privileges after the expiration of the mandate. "

Turning to the rejection of the rights of our people, Malki said: "The United States of America must acknowledge the presidency of Palestine, and if it refuses to sit down to negotiate with us, it is their loss."

Malki added that the US administration would sit with the state of Palestine, claiming in turn that it does not sit with Palestine that does not recognize it, but with the country, that chairs the group, and this will not affect our role and accomplishment. "

He explained that the Member States of the group and in support of the Presidency of Palestine to the group, are interested in the success of the representation of the group and the realization of its interests, and therefore we are convinced that there is support for the Palestinian position when negotiating, and America will see that it will not be able to get Palestine because of this support.

With regard to the second United Nations conference in Buenos Aires in March next month, Malki said: "This summit, which will be chaired by Palestine, will be a milestone, and much awaits us as our first experience in this context.

Malki stressed the start of preparations, particularly with regard to the zero report, which begins with the submission of ideas and proposals, and will be distributed to States to submit their proposals, modify and develop it, and to prepare a mechanism on an incremental basis until we reach the summit "Buenos Aires" on the 12th of March next.

In another context, Malki referred to the meetings held by President Mahmoud Abbas on the sidelines of the handover of Palestine to the presidency of the Group of 77 and China, explaining that his meeting with the President of the General Assembly focused on how to coordinate with the presidency to make the effort of the State of Palestine "successful, and to ensure the necessary support So.

On the president's meeting with the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Malki stressed the desire of the Secretariat to provide support to the Group of 77 and China, and its interest in the success of the state of Palestine in this experiment, and the President briefed the Secretary-General on the political situation and what the issue is going through, and the American actions taken rightly Our people are not right, and the Israeli escalation in the occupied Palestinian territory.

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