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Malki praises the Cyprus stance in support of the Palestinian people in various fields
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Malki praises the Cyprus stance in support of the Palestinian people in various fields

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and expatriates, Dr. Riad al-Malki, praised the historical ties that bind Cyprus and Palestine, and the Cypriot stance in support of the Palestinian people and its leadership in seeking to achieve its legitimate national rights.  The minister greeted the Permanent Secretary of the Cypriot Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Tasos A. Tzionis, on Wednesday in his office at the ministry's headquarters in the city of Ramallah.


At the beginning of the meeting, Minister Malki praised the bilateral relations between the two countries, calling for their strengthening and development in all areas and the need to hold the joint Governmental Committee before the end of the year.


Minister Malki has briefed Ambassador Tasos , of  the latest developments on the political scene and has updated him of the continuous Israeli violations in the Occupied Palestinian territory, and  the  continuation of the armed terrorist groups raids and subversive attacks against Palestinian citizens and their land, and property And their crops.  at an escalating pace under the protection and support of the occupation army.

In addition to the ongoing campaign of Israeli incitement to Mr. President, which comes within the framework of the US-Israeli pressure to pass the so-called "deal of The Century," and attempts to undermine the steadfastness of our people and their leadership in the face of the projects to liquidate the Palestinian cause in a way that is completely contrary to the law International legality and the Geneva Conventions.


Minister Malki also touched on the adoption by the Trump Group Zionist lobby the novel of occupation, the ruling Israeli right and its colonial ambitions, in open and overt hostility to Palestinian and Arab rights. As a clear-cut message to all parties and an official US assertion that the Trump administration has resolved the political part of the so-called deal of the century for the full benefit of the occupation.


Ambassador Tasos stressed the position of Cyprus in support of the Palestinian cause, noting his country's interest in developing and strengthening bilateral relations between the two sides and implementing the signed agreements. The parties agreed that Minister Malki would make an official visit to Cyprus soon to finalize arrangements for the meeting of the joint government Committee in Cyprus before the end of this year, and to prepare for the holding of the Greek-Cypriot tripartite summit, also in Cyprus, and the presence and participation of President Mahmoud Abbas. .

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