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Malki discusses the developments in the provision of the Arab safety net and the financial situation of the State of Palestine
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Malki discusses the developments in the provision of the Arab safety net and the financial situation of the State of Palestine

The Palestinian foreign minister, Riad Malki spoke on Thursday about the crisis of withholding the occupation funds and the developments in the Arab countries ' provision of the Arab safety net.

Malki said in remarks to the official radio (Voice of Palestine): The Palestinian leadership is continuing its effort in the file to deduct the funds of the clearing, based on three factors.

This time differs from the previous times, regarding the failure to divert the clearing,

 Second of all: this time the situation is different, and we took a decision in principle, the transfer of all funds or it is the responsibility of Israel, and thirdly: the financial situation of the State of Palestine and Power became a collective job, not individual Palestinian.

Malki added that there are resolutions adopted by the Arab League at the summit or ministerial level to activate the Arab financial safety net and this decision has not been implemented or adhered to by the Arab countries.

"We are now coming to an Arab summit in Tunisia, and it is essential that this issue take the prime interest of the countries participating in the Summit at the level of Ministers of finance, foreign affairs and leaders," the Palestinian foreign minister said.

"So I had to go personally to Cairo and meet with the Secretary-General of the Arab League to agree on how to deal with this issue, and how to take the right space at all levels," he said.

Malki stressed that the issue was supposed to take the required attention, the Secretary-General took it, he promised to graduate these messages on Sunday morning, and we will follow up with him through our mission to the university in providing some details about the financial situation and the set-off that is deducted.

Malki stressed that the Palestinians are heavily present in the preparatory meetings for the Summit in the financial, economic and foreign countries, and financially actively with the Arab States, who will be coming to Tunisia later this month, for the preparatory meetings of the Summit, and we will urge them to commit to pay benefits Arab safety net ".

The Palestinian Foreign Minister stressed the need for the Arab States to meet, and the president's speech at the summit, will refer to this issue with these details, and we have an opportunity for the Arab countries to fulfill their commitments, and to have the opportunity at the summit to protect the national project.

"We, as our people, will defend ourselves in the protection of the holy Places and what is required of the Arab countries to meet their obligations to the minimum, so that the authority and leadership can continue to function," he said.

In the details we are talking about a financial safety net, amounting to $100 million per month, we do not expect in the best cases that this amount will b0.e fully met, and may be a partial amount, which makes us need to borrow from the banks.

"What is being transferred from clearing funds up to 160 or $170 million, and any amount transferred is not enough to cover this amount, and we still need to take further austerity measures and bank borrowing, and these measures will be followed up by the president's instructions," he said.

Malki stressed that the issue of the demand for international arbitration with Israel will be pursued with regard to the deduction of set-off funds, we are communicating with many countries on this subject, and looking at appropriate mechanisms to compensate for such funds.


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