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Malki briefs Swedish Minister of State for Foreign Affairs on latest developments
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Malki briefs Swedish Minister of State for Foreign Affairs on latest developments

Minister of Foreign Affairs and expatriates Dr. Riad Maliki received at the ministry's headquarters in the city of Ramallah on Monday, the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of Sweden Ms. Annika Sodir, where she was informed  about the latest developments on the Palestinian scene


At the beginning of the meeting,  Minister Dr. Malki emphasized the rejection of the so-called "deal of the Century" by the Palestinian leadership, adding that it was aimed at undermining any opportunity for the establishment of a Palestinian state on the 1967 and East Jerusalem Capitals, and that it was a coup d'état against the resolutions of international legality and the principles of international law, Or a deal that detracts from the fact that East Jerusalem is the capital of the state of Palestine doomed to failure and will be rejected in total. He referred to the Palestinian diplomatic movement in the face of the deal of the century and the coordination of positions on the Arab and Islamic level and the European Union in order to have an international reaction and pressure from most countries of the world on the Administration to respect the rights of the Palestinian people and the standards set by the conventions The previous international resolutions on the two-state solution on the 1967 and East Jerusalem borders are the capital of the state of Palestine. Minister Dr. Al-Maliki referred to President Mahmoud Abbas ' peace plan, which came in his speech in the Security Council on February 20 last year. As the basis for any future negotiating process


Minister Dr. Malki touched upon the repercussions of the Israeli Government's decision to steal Palestinian tax funds under various pretexts, stressing the position of the Palestinian leadership rejecting the receipt of funds is incomplete, as a legitimate right of the Palestinian people, calling on Sweden and the international community to press Israel to return the money to the Palestinian government Treasury, warning of the seriousness of the deteriorating economic conditions in the Occupied Palestinian territory as a result of Israeli policy.


In terms of bilateral relations, the parties discussed ways to strengthen them in all areas, where minister Dr. Malki thanked Mrs. Sodir for her country's support for Palestine, for her continued political and financial backing for UNRWA, and for Sweden last week to host a dialogue with the Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expatriates. Strategically to donor countries regarding UNRWA in Stockholm.

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