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Foreign Minister Malki Welcomes Know Your Heritage Delegation
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Foreign Minister Malki Welcomes Know Your Heritage Delegation

 Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Riad Malki stated today, that  Know Your Heritage organization's work with Palestinian youth in the Diaspora strengthens their Palestinian identity and attachment to their motherland.

This came during a meeting at the Foreign Ministry in Ramallah with the organization's Chief Executive Officer, Rateb Rabie, and its Chairman of the Board of Directors, Najat Arafat Khalil. 

Rateb briefed Malki on the work of his organization, particularly the summer programs for Palestinians in the Diaspora between the ages of 18 and 30 years to enhance their knowledge and understanding of their Palestinian identity by traveling to Palestine to learn more about the history of Palestine, its culture and economic, political and social conditions, as well as several other programs.

Minister Malki said this initiative helps create a generation of Diaspora leaders rooted in Palestinian culture, history, and traditions, who are dedicated to working as ambassadors of peace and justice, and strengthens Palestine as a priority destination for all Palestinians, and that the work and vision of this organization intersect significantly with the work of his ministry.

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