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Dr. Malki receives a copy of the credentials of the Representative of Austria to the State of Palestine
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Dr. Malki receives a copy of the credentials of the Representative of Austria to the State of Palestine

Minister of Foreign Affairs and expatriates Dr. Riad Malki, on Wednesday, received a copy of the new credentials of the representative of the Republic of Austria to the State of Palestine, Mrs. Astrid win. At the beginning of the meeting held at the Ministry's headquarters, Minister Dr. Malki welcomed Ms. Win, wishing her success in her new duties as representative of her country to the state of Palestine, in the interests of relations between the two countries. Minister Malki said that the main goal of the deal of the century and its dependencies such as the Manama Workshop is to abolish the internationally recognized and universally-based terms of reference for the Palestinian-Israeli peace process and replace it with new terms that do not meet the minimum expectations of the Palestinian people, but are fully consistent with The Israeli vision of controlling the land, ending the idea of the state and dealing with the population as a civilian minority with humanitarian and economic needs without any political aspirations. Minister Dr. Malki placed the guest in the form of recent political developments on the Palestinian dossier and the ongoing Israeli violations against our people and property.


Minister Malki valued the support provided by the Austrian Government to Palestinian institutions in various fields. He pointed to the possibility of cooperation between the Palestinian Agency for International Cooperation and its Austrian theory in development projects, especially on the African continent. He praised the historic relationship between Palestine and Austria at the official and popular levels, and Austria's position in support of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people. For her part, Ms. Win stressed her country's firm stance on the principle of two-state dissolution and its support for Palestinian institutions to obtain an independent State living in peace like other countries in accordance with the resolutions of international legitimacy. She noted the importance and strengthening of relations between the two countries, stressing the continued support of the country to the people and the Palestinian Government, through support for Palestinian development projects in various sectors, especially environmental and educational. And her country's commitment to providing support to UNRWA

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