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Two Million Palestinians Are Victims of Israel’s Airstrikes and Collective Punishment Policy… Gaza Is under Dozens of Airstrikes for Five Hours

On Friday dawn, 15 March 2019, the Gaza Strip witnessed the most violent Israeli escalation in months, in which Israeli warplanes carried out dozens of airstrikes on various targets in the Gaza Strip.

For five hours, two million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip lived in a state terror and fear due to the continuous Israeli airstrikes that targeted various locations; Some were in densely populated areas throughout the Gaza Strip. This happened amid a tide of incitement at political and military echelons in Israel.

According to PCHR’s fieldworkers, Israeli warplanes launched 51 missiles at 19 targets throughout the Gaza Strip. Some of those targets were struck more than once. Targets varied between civilian facilities, including a wedding hall, an office for Former Prisoners, and agricultural land, in addition to sites belonging to the Palestinian armed groups.

In one of the airstrikes, Mahmoud Hamdan Hammad Soe’ed (39) sustained moderate wounds and his pregnant wife Sabah ‘Omar Soe’ed sustained serious wounds and her hand was amputated after shrapnel fell on their house in Rafah due to an airstrike targeting a site that is only hundreds of meters away from their house.

In addition to the destruction resulting from the airstrikes in the targeted locations and the damage to nearby houses and facilities, the explosions caused panic and fear among civilians, especially women and children, as the explosions reminded them of the traumatic experiences they lived in the three offensives of 2008-2009, 2012, and 2014.

With this  wide-scale tide of escalation, Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip found themselves again under disproportionate airstrikes, which is part of Israel’s collective punishment policy, after two rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip over Tel Aviv with no injuries being reported.

The Palestinian factions denied responsibility for the two rockets fired into Israel and Ministry of Interior in Gaza stated, on Thursday, that “the rocket fire went “against the national consensus” and measures will be taken against the perpetrators.” However, after an emergency meeting last night, the Israeli government and security authorities decided to carry out a large-scale military operation against the Gaza Strip, indicating a political and security decision to carry out airstrikes, which falls within the collective punishment policy.

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