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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates condemns the cowardly and hateful arson attack by Israeli settlers against a Palestinian family in Sinjel village near Ramallah this Sunday at dawn; 

While the family escaped the fire that engulfed their home, there is no doubt as to the criminal and murderous intent of Israeli settlers who carried out this cowardly attack while the family of six was sleeping;

This attack is part of an escalating, malicious, and murderous campaign of violence perpetrated by Israeli settlers against Palestinian civilians that are informed and fueled by the genocidal, anti-Palestinian, and racist ideology of the current Israeli government;

This hateful ideology openly and unreservedly expressed by senior Israeli ministers, including the self-defined fascist minister Bezalel Smotritch, who recently repeated his denial of the existence of the Palestinian people calling thier identity “an invention”; 

The same minister and other senior members of the Israeli Knesset had called for burning down the village of Huwwara and only lamented that the pogrom initiated by settlers against the village, under the protection of Israeli occupation soldiers, was not done by the state;

The situation is unambiguous. The current Israeli government rose to power on a foundation of ideological hatred of Palestinians;

The current Israeli government also enacts an agenda to eliminate the collective presence of the Palestinian people in the entirety of historic Palestine, byway of ethnic cleansing, dispossession, and/or permanent subjugation;

The escalation of violent attacks by settlers is an integral component of this hateful agenda and it is protected by the colonial occupation regime in that context; 

In response to this odious ideology of denialism, dehumanization, and open calls for murder the international community and relevant United Nations bodies must intervene to stop these Israeli violations and inhumane practices;

The UN and international community has to end the systemic abuse of the fundamental rights of Palestinian civilians. They have a legal and moral obligation to put an end to an endemic culture of impunity that has allowed these crimes to perpetuate and escalate for decades.

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