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Ministry of Foreign affairs and expatriates: warns countries to participate in the "Warsaw" conference aimed to liquidate the Palestinian cause
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Ministry of Foreign affairs and expatriates: warns countries to participate in the "Warsaw" conference aimed to liquidate the Palestinian cause

    The US Administration is proud to be preparing for a conference in Warsaw, claiming that it will address the Middle East issue, and the Palestinian issue, the cause that the US administration has declared since its first day the war against it and on international legality and its resolutions, and has persistently disavowal its obligations towards International agreements signed with its safeguards. The US administration, claiming its keenness on security and peace in the region and the world, has refused to accept the nuclear deal with Iran (5 + 1) and with the participation and presence of the world's major powers to jeopardize world peace and security, and it is coming out of us by inviting more than 70 countries to attend an American conference in Warsaw. to market its project aimed at destroying the international system based on multilateral mechanisms, and on international conventions and treaties, so that it can lead the world individually considering that everyone must follow its policy. From this standpoint, the idea of the Warsaw Conference is for the participating countries to hear instructions on the American vision of the New world order that the Trump administration intends to impose on States, as well as on its stance on the nature of the conflict resolution in the Middle East and the nuclear deal with Iran.


The malicious intentions of this administration were repeated by US president Donald Trump in his "status of Union" speech to Congress, in which he affirmed the continuation of his policy of absolute bias towards Israel, away from any thought to create any form of balance in the relationship with the Arab-Palestinian side. with such statements and attitudes and in the face of the state of exclusivity and hegemony dictated by the American administration to the countries of the world, and at the convening of such an American conference aimed at adapting the positions of the countries of the world to conform to American policy, the Ministry affirms that the position of the state of Palestine is firm and clear Conferences aimed at undermining and liquidating the cause of our people, which will not deal with the outcomes of illegal conferences, are not for us an obligation and are not of interest to us at all.


The Ministry asserts that this is an American conference, that aims to push the participating countries to adopt the positions of the American administration on the issues in question and specifically the Palestinian issue, so we find ourselves compelled to warn the participants of the seriousness of that participation and of the American conspiracy aimed at undermining The independence of their sovereign decisions on fundamental issues depends on the principled positions of these countries, such as the position on the Palestinian issue. The State of Palestine declares that it will not deal with any outcome of this Conference and will adhere to its consistent positions and continue its endeavors with States as if the Warsaw Conference did not take place. This Palestinian position applies to this Conference and other conferences planned by the United States Administration and the occupying Power, defending its crimes and breaches of international law.


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