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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Indonesian courageous stand proof the failure of America and Israel's plan to liquidate the Palestinian cause
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Indonesian courageous stand proof the failure of America and Israel's plan to liquidate the Palestinian cause

    Indonesia reaffirmed its support for the d legitimate rights of our people, which was expressed yesterday by the Palestinian Minister for Foreign Affairs of Indonesia, "Ritno-earmarked", during the monthly debate of the Security Council on the Middle East, while reflecting the depth of historical relations between Palestine and Indonesia, and embodies the historical and sincere Indonesian position of our people, their sufferings and their rights in the forums and at all levels, where the Indonesian minister emphasized the well-established Indonesian positions towards the Palestinian cause, foremost among which is Indonesia's unlimited support for the granting of a state Palestine is a full member like other states of the United Nations, and a strong condemnation of Israeli settlement in the territory of the State of Palestine, stressing that (the question of Palestine determines the credibility of the Security Council), noting that (a peace process that may be legitimate must pursue a multilateral mechanism based on criteria Internationally agreed, otherwise any peace plan is doomed to failure).

    Our ministry, is proud of the advanced Indonesian position and highly appreciative of the fraternal and sincere relations between the State of Palestine and the friendly Republic of Indonesia, and salutes the positions of brotherly and friendly countries in support of the rights of our people, commends the Indonesian's active and resolute stance in confronting the countries that She expressed her desire to relocate her embassies to occupied Jerusalem. The Ministry affirms that Indonesia's position is fully consistent with international legality, its resolutions and international law, and constitutes a clear appeal to the UN Security Council to protect its remaining credibility, and an invitation to uphold the pillars of the peace process based on international legality and international peace terms, foremost among them Adopt a multilateral mechanism to launch a genuine peace process. The Ministry believes that the courageous Indonesian stance underscores the failure of the policies and directions of the administration of US President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and their stakes in settling the Palestinian issue and removing it from the agenda of international concern.

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