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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates: Greenblatt is a False Witness Of the Fabrication of Jerusalem's Identity
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates: Greenblatt is a False Witness Of the Fabrication of Jerusalem's Identity

As the Occupation authorities fails to proof its historic and archaeological history in Jerusalem, it attempts to conceal the Arabism and the Palestinian nature of the Holy City , and further implement Judaization projects to fabricate reality and deepen the Temporal and spatial division of the city through building colonial synagogues along the walls of the Aqsa Mosque or below it, , in addition to the digging of tunnels employed to serve the occupation’s novel, such as the (the road of pilgrims) tunnel below the town of Silwan, and  the establishment of the so called  biblical gardens, and other settlement projects, including colonial tourism projects aimed at changing the city’s milestones.

In this context, the occupation authorities are trying to promote their occupation and the Judaization of occupied Jerusalem and its landmarks through the Israeli religious narrative. In light of the international rejection of the violations of the occupation against the Palestinian people in general and against Jerusalem and its sanctities and citizens in particular, the occupation authorities are exerting efforts to attract a number of supporters of its religious narrative ,  where it finds Friedman and Greenblatt permanent readiness to play the role of the false witness volunteering to support the operations of Forging history and turning the facts, Greenblatt and Trump’s team aim at promoting  the acceptance of the Judaization operations that should be recognized and treated as a reality.

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