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Ministry of Foreign affairs and expatriate: deepening settlement calls into question the ability of the international community to salvage the two-state solution.
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Ministry of Foreign affairs and expatriate: deepening settlement calls into question the ability of the international community to salvage the two-state solution.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expatriates condemns in the strongest terms the execution of Israeli bulldozers yesterday morning 120 fruitful olive trees from the land of the western village of Laban west of Ramallah in implementation of the decision of the occupation authorities to confiscate 3 dunums near the "Beit Arieh" settlement adjacent to the village, in preparation for the construction of a new settlement road Connects the settlements located in the area. The Ministry asserts that the construction of this settlement street comes in the context of the continued confiscation by the occupying authorities of hundreds of dunums of Palestinian land throughout the West Bank and its offer for the purpose of constructing more large-scale settlement roads, most recently the most recent of which was the bypass of its dialogue and the Arroub bypass, With a view to transforming all settlements, including the random ones located in the occupied West Bank, into a single, large settlement grouping, to be linked to the Israeli rear, which will lead to the elimination of the Green Line and the resolution of the future of the majority of areas classified as "C" in favour of the occupation and its unilateral colonial ambitions and the occupying Power


The ministry asserts that the ruling oath in Israel, led by Benjamin Netanyahu, is continuing to destroy the remainder of the opportunity to achieve a two-state solution, and is poised with unlimited U.S. support to announce the failure of the two-state solution and impose Israeli law on the settlements, which is confirmed by the movement among Likud Knesset members And other right-wing parties to pass a law in this regard in the coming period, and publicly establish an abhorrent apartheid regime in occupied Palestine. This expansionist colonization project places the international community in general and the West in particular in a serious test of the credibility of the States that claim to be keen to achieve peace on the basis of a two-state solution, to ensure international legality, its resolutions and the foundations of the entire international order, but that those States will triumph before it is The time to the principles of international law and defend international legality and its decisions, or shut up and only to issue statements of condemnation, condemnation and expression of concern, and therefore fails to assume its responsibilities to pay later the prices of replacing international law and human rights principles with the law of the jungle and bullying force.

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