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Foreign and expatriate: Netanyahu's decision and Friedman's statement reveal the delusion of the US claim to seek peace
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Foreign and expatriate: Netanyahu's decision and Friedman's statement reveal the delusion of the US claim to seek peace

              The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expatriates condemns in the strongest terms the decision of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to begin building 840 new units in the Ariel settlement during his provocative tour of Salfit Governorate. The Ministry also strongly condemns the racist statements made by US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman to a right-wing newspaper in Washington, D.C., through which he reaffirms that he plays the role of spokesperson for the occupation and a roving representative of his colonial interests and policies. The ministry believes that the coincidence of Friedman's statement with Netanyahu's decision reflects the depth of the cover provided by President Trump's administration and its Middle East policies to the looting of the Occupied Palestinian Territory and the deepening of expansionist colonial settlement, and reveals once again a biased US decision to provide and waste all necessary time until The ruling right in Israel, led by Benjamin Netanyahu, is able to implement the map of the obscurantist colonial reconciliation in the territory of the occupied state of Palestine, what Friedman and other American Almtshin are saying, carried out by the Israeli Government, its various arms and bulldozers. The Ministry asserts that the full American bias of occupation and settlement and in harmony with the plans and programs of the right-wing Israel reveals the falsity of the American claims on a real plan to achieve peace between the Palestinian and Israeli sides, and that talking about the so-called "deal of the Century" is only comedy and irony and disregard for the international community and the Middle East region.


The ministry believes that the silence of the international community and the states that claim to care for international legality and its resolutions, to achieve peace on the basis of a two-state solution, and to confine themselves to shy criticisms of the American policies that are biased against the occupation, express an unfortunate international inaction and retreat from the importance of providing protection and attribution of legitimacy and its decisions, if not for the entire international system. The ministry calls on the UN Security Council to break its silence and defend its remaining credibility with regard to the situation in occupied Palestine, and to take the necessary measures imposed by international law to implement the resolutions of international legitimacy on the Palestinian issue, foremost among which is resolution No. 2334.


At the same time, the Ministry calls on States that respect the principles of international law, the Charter of the United Nations and the Geneva Conventions to move quickly to save the international system from the risks and consequences of American policies in general, and in particular those relating to the Middle East.

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