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Minister Malki Congratulates his New Salvadorian Counterpart in President Bocelli’s Government
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Minister Malki Congratulates his New Salvadorian Counterpart in President Bocelli’s Government

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Dr. Riad Malki congratulated her Excellency Ambassador Alexandra Hill on receiving the new position in the government of President Najib Boukili , wishing her further progress and success.

The State of Palestine’s ambassador to El Salvador, Marwan El Borini, conveyed Minister Malki’s congratulation message during his meeting with Ms. Hill, on Tuesday, at the Ministry's headquarters in the Salvadorian capital San Salvador.

Ambassador Borini shed a light on the latest developments in Palestine, and the attempts to pass the so-called “Deal of the Century”, in addition to the Israeli daily violation of the Palestinian people rights and the continued colonization of land through expanding the settlements. Moreover, his Excellency also referred to the siege on Gaza Strip, the Judaizing of Jerusalem, and the bias American position, and further discussed the risks of economic initiatives without resolving the political issues, and Israel's attempt to label the conflict as a religious and an ideological one.

From her side, Minister Hill spoke about the role of Salvadorans of Palestinian descent in the economic and political life of El Salvador, and how the Palestinians were able to prove their presence despite the difficulties and contribute in the Salvadoran economy.

 Her Excellency concluded by stressing the strong historical relations between El Salvador and Palestine and the importance deepening it, and affirmed the support of the Palestinian cause and its solidarity with Palestine.

In the same context, the two counterparts discussed the role of the Palestinian International Cooperation Agency in the development and assistance of friendly countries and the possibility of holding cooperation projects in El Salvador.

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