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Minister Dr. Malki chairs the delegation to the Fifth Summit on Interaction and Confidence building measures in Asia
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Minister Dr. Malki chairs the delegation to the Fifth Summit on Interaction and Confidence building measures in Asia

Minister of Foreign Affairs and expatriates Dr. Riad Malki participated in the fifth Summit of Interaction and confidence-building in Asia (Sika), representing His Excellency President Mahmoud Abbas.  At the beginning of his speech, Minister Dr. Malki conveyed the greetings of His Excellency President Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian leadership and the Palestinian people, to the Member States and congratulated the Republic of Tajikistan on its assumption of the presidency of the Sika, stressing that, under its presidency, many steps would be taken to promote dialogue, prosperity and cooperation among the States Of Asian and Member States, and at the outset stressed the role of the active Palestine as a founder of Sica, which did not provide any effort at the foundation stages, believing in the common vision of the continent, which boils down to the achievement of peace and security through dialogue and cooperation alone will enable the States to achieve And prosperity for their people.

"We all stand at a dangerous juncture as the international community faces many serious challenges, including terrorism, violence, extremism and occupation," he said, stressing that the fight against such challenges cannot be fought individually, but requires a unified effort and joint action to settle conflicts, fight terrorism and push towards Achieving global peace and security. 

In his speech, he spoke of the systematic violation of the rights of the Palestinian people and crimes against the Palestinian people by the occupying Power--Israel--over the years and the imposition of a bilateral system based on racial discrimination, domination and segregation, which had been in place since 1967 and had been the target The basic principles of our existence. Moreover, the colonial practices and the reckless policies against Muslims, Christians and holy cities in Palestine are in your own right to return your book of history and change the legal status of Jerusalem.

He stressed that the Palestinian people and leadership will not accept any plan, proposal or deal that does not respect the resolutions of international legitimacy and the Arab peace initiative, stressing that no deal will succeed in achieving lasting peace in the Middle East if the rights of the Palestinian people are not respected, most importantly the right to self-determination and building an independent Palestinian state Its capital is East Jerusalem. 

In his speech, Minister Dr. Malki also expressed that respect for the law at the international and local levels is essential for the achievement of security, peace and economic and social prosperity. The need to move away from the duality of principles. The international community must renew its commitment to respect, defend and preserve the Charter of the United Nations and the principles of international law.

He concluded by stressing that the Dushanbe declaration would serve the interests of the multilateral system and serve the interests of all Member States of the Seychelles and that this Summit would contribute to a new level of cooperation in confronting the threats and challenges facing the Asian continent as a whole


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