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The Palestinian international cooperation agency (PICA) is launching a program of agricultural development cooperation in the republic of Bangladesh
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The Palestinian international cooperation agency (PICA) is launching a program of agricultural development cooperation in the republic of Bangladesh

As an implementation of the signed cooperation agreements between the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, represented by PICA, and Bangladesh Ministry of Foreign Affairs, PICA has launched an agricultural development program in the capital Dhaka. This comes as part of PICA efforts to implement its plan of action within the context of solidarity through development as a contribution to the empowerment of South-South development policies and programs.

The Palestinian delegation, who arrived in the Republic of Bangladesh, includes PICA Director General, Imad Al-Zuhairi, Third Secretary/Program Official, Ihsan Abu-Alrob, and Engineers from the Ministry of Agriculture including: Soil Engineer Imad Ghunma, Sayyed Ali Alqam who is specialized in the control of pests and insects, and Imad Eid who is specialized in vegetables. The delegation also includes the Ambassador of the State of Palestine to Bangladesh, Yousef Ramadan, and Noor Al-Ayedi from the State of Palestine embassy in Bangladesh.

PICA Director General, Imad Al-Zuhairi, stated that this development program comes in response to the needs expressed by relevant Bangladeshi parties, where the Palestinian agricultural potential has been adapted to the needs and priorities expressed in a program to transfer expertise, knowledge and technical support that has been developed to serve Bangladesh.

He added that the coordination to implement this program was carried out in full cooperation between PICA, the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture, and the Ministry of Agriculture in Bangladesh through the Embassy of the State of Palestine in Dhaka. This comes as part of the State of Palestine efforts to establish bridges of communication with the countries of the world and enhance the qualitative Palestinian presence in the international arena through its public diplomacy arm represented by PICA. Such programs will contribute to the mobilization of greater international solidarity with Palestine and the preservation and strengthening of historical relations with friendly countries and build up the status of Palestine. The State of Palestine proved, through PICA, the effectiveness of its programs and activities in various fields of intervention and in the areas of medical, agricultural, humanitarian and relief development. Such interventions and activities were based mainly on the distinctive human element through which Palestine imposed itself as an active participant in the international community’s efforts to meet challenges and utilize available opportunities.

Al-Zuhairi said that the programs carried out by PICA, in various parts of the world and in a number of carefully selected countries, are in compliance with President Mahmoud Abbas’ instructions to intensify the distinguished Palestinian presence internationally, and to use soft power as a civilized tool to contribute to the efforts of realizing the legitimate and inalienable rights of the Palestinian people. These programs also translate the directions of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Dr. Riyad Al-Malki, to promote the Palestinian identity internationally through bilateral, tripartite and multilateral programs, where specialized Palestinian human resources are essential in its implementation.

On the other hand, the Ambassador of the State of Palestine to Bangladesh, Yousuf Ramadan, stated that Prime Minister, Sheikha Hasina, focuses on the agricultural field because of its impact on the development of the economy and national food security plans as Bangladesh has about 72 million people. Thus, the mission of the delegation of experts of the State of Palestine to Bangladesh is of a particular importance at this particular time. He added that the mission of PICA delegation has received special attention and satisfaction from the highest levels in the Republic of Bangladesh because it comes from Palestine that has not forgotten its brothers despite the difficult circumstances that result from the occupation and its practices.

The experts of the State of Palestine will transfer their experiences and specialized knowledge in a ten-day mission, which is expected to have a positive impact on the local agricultural work mechanisms, thus contributing to increase the agricultural crop, improve its quality, and serve the interests of both countries.

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