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Press Release

The State of Palestine warns against Israel’s escalating crimes against the Palestinian people, including collective punishment, targeting of civilians, and unlawful siege imposed on the city of Jenin, and calls on the international community to urgently intervene to protect the Palestinian people.
Israel’s decision to impose additional forms of collective punishment on the Palestinian people is a criminal act under international law and is incompatible with its obligations under international law.  

The State of Palestine holds Israel, the occupying Power, fully responsible for the repercussions of its targeted crimes and violations. 

These Israeli crimes are rooted in the entrenchment of its settler-colonial occupation, based on race domination and discrimination. They are founded on depriving the Palestinian people of the most fundamental human rights, enforced by the indiscriminate infliction of death, violent killing of women and children, injury, demolitions, detentions, collective punishment, and the strategic territorial fragmentation of the State of Palestine into separate areas of population control. 

This state of chronic impunity and systemic violence is a direct consequence of the international community’s willful failure to hold Israel accountable for its crimes and to enforce international law and relevant resolutions, which has undermined the rules-based international order. It is indisputable that exceptionalism and double standards will imbue chaos and destruction for all. The international community can no longer afford to tolerate or excuse Israel’s ongoing crimes and violations of international law.

The United Nations Security Council has an obligation to uphold its Charter, implement its resolutions, and exact consequences on Israel for its crimes. The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court must also expedite his independent investigation into Israel’s ongoing crimes, its officials, its occupying forces, and its settlers.  

Accountability for crimes in Palestine is not and cannot be optional. It is the cornerstone of justice.

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