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Decision to close UNRWA institutions echo of the infamous Trump Declaration on Jerusalem and Refugees
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Decision to close UNRWA institutions echo of the infamous Trump Declaration on Jerusalem and Refugees


The ruling right in Israel deals with the absolute bias of  Trump administration of occupation and its expansionist colonial policies, as a window of opportunity to be exploited and maximized, to map Israel's expansionist colonial interests in the territory of the State of Palestine, and to resolve the issues of the Final Solution Negotiations in accordance with Israeli interests, by force and unilaterally. In this context, the decision of the occupying authorities to close the institutions of UNRWA, in particular education and health, and to stop granting them the necessary licenses to continue their work in occupied Jerusalem, and the National Security Council in the Office of the Prime Minister of the Israeli government, oversees the translation of this decision into actual steps, which means the risks Ethnic cleansing of Palestinian citizens living in Shu'fat camp, seizure of land and allocation for settlement purposes. The Ministry asserts that the occupation authorities are in the vicinity of occupied East Jerusalem and its environs at all levels, and mainly target educational institutions in an attempt to impose the Israeli curriculum on Palestinian citizens, and in the framework, an Israeli plan to take over the school is becoming clearer. The historic Qadissiyah in Bab al-Saher in the old City of occupied Jerusalem, which includes 350 female students, and converted it for settlement purposes.

The ministry, in condemning in the strongest terms the occupation of the holy city and the attempt to Judaize it and give it its identity, considers that Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the occupying Power and to transfer the embassy to it, constituted a green light for the ruling right in Israel to speed up the adoption of measures The measures of ventilation against the city and the attempt to separate it from its entire Palestinian environment, as the Ministry considers the failure of the international community in particular the Security Council to implement the resolutions of international legitimacy on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and the failure to hold the occupation authorities accountable for their grave violations of international law The principles of human rights and the Geneva Conventions have all encouraged the occupation authorities to begin implementing the most serious episode of the liquidation of the Palestinian presence in Jerusalem, namely, the Judaization of educational life, the closure of its institutions and the beating of a Palestinian state in the Holy city, as well as an extension Of the decisions and actions taken by the Trump administration on the issue of refugees and UNRWA. The Ministry calls on the competent UN organizations, foremost among them "UNESCO", to assume their legal and moral responsibilities in the direction of this dangerous scheme, and to defend the remaining credibility through the immediate and serious action to implement its decisions concerning occupied Jerusalem and its educational and heritage institutions. And civilization and the houses of worship in it


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