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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates: The Revival of Our People in Memory of Nakba Reflects Insistence on Dropping the Deal of the Century
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates: The Revival of Our People in Memory of Nakba Reflects Insistence on Dropping the Deal of the Century

     This year's 71st anniversary of Nakba comes amid serious challenges to the Palestinian cause and the fair and legitimate rights of our people, foremost of which are the disastrous consequences of Trump's decisions, his biased attitudes to the occupation and his own policies concerning Jerusalem and the Palestinian refugee issue as the root. The Palestinian cause, and what is hidden in the secret of a major conspiracy to liquidate the Palestinian issue and remove it from the agenda of international concerns, and attempts to reduce the suffering of our people and their rights and put them in colonial stereotypes and paths that transform them from the issue of people seeking freedom and independence and self-determination in his hand to the problem Residents need economic and relief solutions and programs under the banner of the century deal. This anniversary also comes in the shadow of the escalation of the occupation of the Jewish settlement against Jerusalem, the Holy places in particular, and the land of the State of Palestine in general, amid calls and demands for the imposition of Israeli law on settlements in the occupied West Bank as a prelude to imposing full sovereignty over large portions of them, and under The continuation of the unjust blockade and the repeated bloody attacks on our people in the Gaza Strip, all within an American-Israeli colonial plan aimed at bringing any chance for peace on the basis of a two-state solution and undermining the opportunity to establish an independent Palestinian state alongside the State of Israel. This reflects an open and clear coup in American foreign policy that attempts to replace the negotiated solution of the conflict with a policy of dictates and arrogance of power. In the face of these difficult circumstances, the cause of our people is also challenged by the failure of the international community and United Nations organizations, primarily the Security Council, to implement and ensure the implementation of hundreds of international resolutions on the question of Palestine, and to relinquish its responsibilities in the legal Morality is the direction of our people's plight, its enduring suffering and rights, its apparent failure to provide international protection to our people, and the protection of the prospects for peace on the basis of a two-state solution.


The Ministry affirms that the revival of our people for the 71st anniversary is an unequivocal demonstration of its commitment to its just and legitimate national rights, its right to return, self-determination, the establishment of an independent State of Palestine on the borders of the fourth June 1967 and East Jerusalem as its capital, and another proof that Palestinian rights will not fall Statute of limitations as long as our people are holding on to the embers and steadfast in their homeland behind his wise leadership represented by President Mahmoud Abbas. For its part, the Ministry affirms that it is in its political and diplomatic battle at the levels and in all forums to overthrow the story of the occupation and to refute it and expose it on the path of deepening the international front supporting and supporting the rights of our people and the blind to the American bias of occupation, continues to embody the personality Of the international law of the State of Palestine by reaping further the confessions of the States of the Palestinian State and continuing to work tirelessly for the full membership of the State of Palestine in the United Nations, it continues to expose the continuing daily crimes of occupation against our people in all forums on the path of bringing war criminals And accountability of the Israelis before the national and international courts and, in the forefront, the International Criminal Court, is committed to upholding peace as a Palestinian national strategy in accordance with the vision of President Mahmoud Abbas and the initiative he put before the Security Council, based on the terms of reference of the international peace process and international legality. And decisions.

    The Ministry stresses that the revival of our people and their leadership in memory of the Nakba this year will be a genuine platform to confront and overthrow the malicious American movement, a solid foundation for enhancing the resilience of the Palestinian citizen in his homeland, enabling him to build the national state economies away from the hegemony and domination of the occupation, and will witness Also a Palestinian diplomatic movement to besiege the American population and defeat the rights of our people.



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