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Ministry of Foreign affairs and expatriates: the international protection of our people is an urgent necessity to confront the crimes of occupation and its settlers
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Ministry of Foreign affairs and expatriates: the international protection of our people is an urgent necessity to confront the crimes of occupation and its settlers

Armed terrorist groups continue their raids, subversive attacks and attacks against Palestinian citizens and their land, sacred property and crops, at an escalating pace under the protection and support of the occupation army. Yesterday, the settler militias raided the town of Kafr Malek, east of  ramallah, to return to this  dawn of this day to strike again in the town of Deir Estya in the governorate of Salfit, where they damaged the wheels of a number of Palestinian citizens ' vehicles and attacked their property and made false anti-Semitic racist slogans against Arabs and Palestinians. The release of settlers, their associations and their organizations is also evident in the town of Silwan, occupied Jerusalem, the most recent of which was the approval of the occupation municipality to launch the names of rabbis on 5 streets in Silwan, south of the walls of the holy Al-Aqsa Mosque, in a clear and explicit acknowledgement announced by a municipal member The extreme occupation  "Arieh King ", considering this step (another element in the establishment of sovereignty and Judaization).

    The Ministry condemns in the strongest terms the daily terrorist attacks by the settler militias and the reckless occupation of occupied East Jerusalem and its environs, and considers it a new evidence of the complicity of the Israeli Government and the occupying army with the settlers and their colonial projects within a state of The distribution of open roles among the various occupation institutions, and also proves that the occupation army does not react to any reactions or positions based on the Geneva protocols in providing protection to the local population under occupation, but rather the opposite, which requires the international community to assume its responsibilities to activate Resolution of the General Assembly of the United Nations concerning the provision of protections to the Palestinian people in the occupied territory.

     The Ministry affirms that the town of Silwan is an integral part of occupied East Jerusalem in accordance with international law and, according to the Geneva Conventions of the occupying Power, it is not permissible to change its parameters or to move its citizens to the occupied areas or to change the contours of the occupied city, including changing the names of its streets and alleys. The grave breaches and flagrant violations committed by the occupation and its municipality call upon the Member States signatory to the Geneva Conventions to assume their full responsibilities, foremost among which is Switzerland, which is the custodian of these conventions. Therefore, the silence of these states, including Switzerland, on these violations and breaches of the Geneva Conventions is not only negligent but also complicity.

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